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Cover Cover
Photos Of Production Process P1
Oil Seal
Introduction P2
Material of Oil Seals
Spring Material P2
Metal Rings Material P2
Rubber Material Performance P3
Oil Seal Standard Tolerances
JIS B2402 P4
DIN 3760 P4
Oil Seal Nomenclature -- Technical phrases of oil seals
Illustration with drawings P5
R.W.V. (Redial Wall Variation) P6
Dynamic Runout (Shaft Runout) P6
Shaft to Bore Missalignment (STBM)  P6
Oil Seal Types
General Purpose Type
A-Series: Metal ground O.D. with inner case for greater structural rigidity  P7
B-Series: Metal case with ground O.D. generally most economical. P7
C-Series: Rubber O.D. for some aluminum and magnesium housings  P8
F-Series: Completely rubber encased for corrosive condition  P8
G-Series: Corrugated rubber O.D. for large thermal expansion housing P8
M-Series: Metal O.D. with rubber covered completely inside P8
Z-Series: Metal O.D. with rubber covered completely inside and top surface P8
Special Purpose Type
D-Series: Dual lip type P9
P-Series: Anti-pressure lip type  P9
J-Flange case type P9
Side lip type  P10
Multiple or inwardly bent lip type  P10
W-Series: Wiper or scraper seal type  P10
O-Series: External lip type  P11
PB-Series: PFTE lip type  P11
Mud sealing lip type P11
E-Series: High dynamic eccentricity type P12
Felt lip type P12
Leather lip type P12
Q-Series: No metal insert or split type P12
Hydrodynamic seal P13
V-Seal: Axial shaft seal P13
Change types from general purpose type P13
Operation Limits
Operation pressure limits for S/T types P14
Operation speed limits for S/T/O types P14
Operation speed limits for V/K types P14
Hydraulic Sealing System
Piston Application P15
Rod Application P15
Rod Wiper P16
Various Sealing Products P16
Introduction P17
Hardness P17
How to choose an o-ring for dynamic parts P17
The application of Back-up rings P17
Resistance prosperities of various elastomers P18