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What are o rings?

Hydraulic o rings are donut-shaped sealing rings made of rubber, silicone or other materials that can typically prevent fluid or air from going in or out of a designated area. O rings normally are installed in a groove of a mechanical items and equipment and the surfaces can be sealed. They are the most common fluid power seals and can be used in static applications or in dynamic applications and can well-performe in low or high pressured situations.

Custom Hydraulic Rubber O Rings
Rubber O Rings and Silicone ORings

The Material of O rings:
Based on different applications, you will need different types of hydraulic o rings. To meet the requirements of each client, we have developed various rubber and silicone o rings, ranging from NR, SBR, NBR, EP, IIR, CR, SI, FSI, FPM, ACM to special materials by customers' demands. To learn more about our sealing materials, please visit our catalog.
Specification: AS568, P S G series.
In addition to the standard hydraulic o ring collections above, we also provide custom o rings for clients special needs. Chain Yeeh as one of deeply-experienced o ring manufacturers from Taiwan, we can certainly satisfy your expectations! If you have any questions regarding our products or custom o ring services, welcome to contact us anytime..