Established in 1991, CHAIN YEEH Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality precision sealing components, certified by Dun & Bradstreet. With over 45 years of experience.

We offer a diverse range of products, including Oil Seals, O-Rings, X-Rings, V-Rings, Packings, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, and precision hardware. With a complete in-house manufacturing line, we handle everything from product design, drafting, tooling, to finished products and related lifespan testing. We specialize in providing customers with tailored design and manufacturing services to meet specific requirements.


Our products find extensive application in industries like automotive, aerospace, agriculture, military, and machinery. We have garnered high recognition and trust from clients in these fields. Our own branded products are marketed in over 30 countries worldwide, with a special preference from regions like Europe and the Americas. Additionally, we collaborate with numerous renowned international manufacturers to produce OEM products, creating exceptional results.

Quality Policy

We firmly believe in the value of experience. Our 45+ years of expertise have given us profound insights into industry needs, allowing us to continuously enhance our technical skills and manufacturing capabilities.

Our commitment revolves around providing superior quality to meet and exceed customer expectations. To ensure consistent quality, we adopted the ISO-9002 quality management system in 1999, obtaining international certification. In 2002, we further elevated our quality standards by achieving ISO-9001 certification.

Our enduring quality policy is encapsulated in the mantra: "Quality is life; customers are the source." We pledge to consistently deliver professional, high-quality products, continuously pursuing excellence to fulfill customer needs and expectations. We are dedicated to relentless efforts in providing customers with the finest products and services.